Outdoor Volleyball Club 2021

Camp Street Courts plans to offer a full summer season. Athletes will be coached on the proper way to play outdoor doubles and triples. This is a great way to stay active for indoor high school and club seasons.

Why outdoor...

Unlike indoor volleyball where you are specialized to a position, outdoor volleyball teaches athletes to become a well rounded player. You will learn fundamental skills in all aspects of the game! Are you a middle that wants to become a better passer? How about an Outside hitter that wants to learn to set? Setter that wants to hit? Here is your opportunity!

AVP Membership

All Camp Street Courts Outdoor Club Members must have an active AVP Membership. Parents need to create a basic account (FREE) then add their player under them and purchase the Silver membership for the player.


  • https://www.facebook.com/CampSTCourts

Flexible schedule

No more worrying about set schedules. With our club we will give you a list of tournaments in the surrounding states and you choose which events you want to attend. After that we build our training program around your schedule!