2021 Summer Outdoor Tryouts

Tryouts For the season have closed. If you missed them and would like to be apart of the club email us at

Typical Questions regarding outdoor tryouts

Do I have to have a partner?

Nope! You can try out by yourself and we can help find a partner that fits your play style!

What if I can't commit to the whole summer?

That's fine! We give each parent a list of all available tournaments (Local and travel) and let them build their schedule. From that we format your practice schedule. We also tend to avoid major holidays (4th of July) .

I've never played Outdoor before, will their be a place for me?

Yes! Our goal isn't to take only the best players and make them better. Our goal is to grow the sport as a whole. We are looking for players that have never played before. We have camps and programs to help prepare your young athlete for the fun exciting game of Outdoor Volleyball.

Is there College opportunities for Outdoor?

Yes! Outdoor Volleyball is one of the fastest growing college sports in America right now! Outdoor Volleyball is the 5th most watch sport in the Olympics world wide. The majority of the Colleges that offer Sand Volleyball as a sport are located on the east coast!